Website For Sale - - Established Prepper Website

Website For Sale - - Established Prepper Website
Website For Sale - - Established Prepper Website
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Website For Sale - - Established Prepper Website

Regular price $15,000 Reduced price $7,500 You can save $7,500
  • Rare One of a Kind Property
  • Lightning Fast Asset Delivery
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • 24/7 Expert Support
  • Views: 519 | Saves: 19 | Offers: 3
  • Inventory on the way

Proven successful business model that has generated cash flow!


  • Easy to remember brand name
  • Lucrative survival prepper niche
  • Perfect store for first time website owners
  • Lots of money was spent in development
  • Store has previously made cash flow
  • Well established in search engines
Easy to run & manage store!

Perfect for a first time website owner or for somebody who wants to become a leader in the survival niche.

The current owner lets the websites run on autopilot with no time being spent on marketing or promoting.

Store needs to briefly come off auto pilot with a solid marketing push to turn into a cash flow cow. 

All orders from the stores are drop shipped directly from the suppliers to the customers door step.

The property owner collects the profit on each order.



There has been a ton of cash invested in the development of this premium brand name.

(some costs have not been included)

- X-cart shopping software -- $499

- X-cart theme design + install -- $2,500

- Logo design for -- $500

- Wordpress theme design & install -- $2,500

- wordpress Store setup -- $500

(data entry, shipping setup, cc setup, all company info, categories, and so much more)

These costs do not include the dozens and dozens of hours of multiple team members coordinating, organizing, and other activities that take cash flow to make them happen.



- (domain name only) sold for $35,000.00 (no store)

- (domain name only) sold for $14,000.00 (no store)

- sold for $26,000.00

- sold for $10,000.00

- sold for $10,000.00


+ Domain Name

+ Wordpress Website

+ Website databases + website files

+ After sale email support from the experts at Brand Names Inc. for thirty days
+ Confidential list of suppliers in the USA who drop ship to customers

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Delivery is super fast here at Brand Names Inc

MOST properties are delivered within 24 hours after receiving confirmed payment confirmation.

We have transferred A LOT of digital properties and we will help you along the way if you have any questions.

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