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Make Month-After-Month Passive Cash Flow with this Digital Property

Simple business model that can get you paid month after month consistently in your sleep. High in demand!

Almost all passive cash flow business model! 

The supplier handles ALL the hard work.

Amazing digital property that can provide cash flow for lifetimes


The owner of the website gets paid when new users sign up to the affiliate partners.

ALL services are fulfilled by a supplier automatically! Owner collects profits & does not have to fulfill or provide a service.

Easy to run and manage store that is already built for you to takeover. The current owner lets the website run on 100% autopilot with no time being spent on marketing or promoting.


- Priced to sell at below appraised price
- Gorgeous easy to use turnkey website 
- Easy to remember brand name
- Exact match domain for highly searched term 'virtual doctor appt'
- Passive business model where the supplier handles all the grunt work
- Can be ran from ANYWHERE in the world


- (domain name)

- (website)

- After sale email support from Brand Names Inc. for fifty five days.

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