Website for Sale - - Month-after-Month Cash Flow Business Model

Website for Sale - - Month-after-Month Cash Flow Business Model
Website for Sale - - Month-after-Month Cash Flow Business Model

Website for Sale - - Month-after-Month Cash Flow Business Model

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  • Lease To Own Option Available -- Affordable Monthly Payments
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Make Month-After-Month Passive Cash Flow with this Digital Property

Simple business model that can get you paid month after month consistently in your sleep. High in demand -- 2 billion website owners need this or they will loose A LOT of money!

Almost all passive cash flow business model!  

The supplier handles ALL the hard work.

Amazing digital property that can provide cash flow for lifetimes


There is over 2+ BILLION websites today and more being launched daily.

Every important website needs a website monitor! 

The second a website goes down they cannot process orders resulting in a huge loss of revenue. Each hour that goes by the site is down so is the revenue. ANY website owner who makes cash flow from their website can EASILY justify using this service.


The owner gets paid when new users sign up.

The supplier charges a "wholesale" cost and the customer pays a "retail" price. The site owner of collects the profits from the cost difference of wholesale and retail. Which currently is setup to be almost double. Example it costs $5 wholesale it would sell retail for $10.

Retail plan pricing can be easily adjusted by the owner in a few clicks to increase or decrease profit margins.

The amazing thing about this property is the digital products being sold pay out each month. Providing nice cash flow monthly! This helps predict future income.

All digital products are fulfilled by a supplier automatically! Owner collects profits & does not have to fulfill or provide a service.

Easy to run and manage store that is already built for you to takeover. The current owner lets the website run on 100% autopilot with no time being spent on marketing or promoting.


- Priced to sell at below appraised price
- Gorgeous easy to use turnkey website
- Easy to remember brand name
- Exact match domain for highly searched term 'web monitoring'
- Passive business model where the supplier handles all the grunt work


Currently the site is run on auto pilot with no time being spent marketing or promoting.


This website is pre-revenue at the moment. Huge opprunity for the new owner to dive right in and begin monietiing this high in demand service.

Delivery is super fast here at Brand Names Inc.

MOST properties are delivered within 24 hours (most times faster) after receiving confirmed payment confirmation.

Established websites can take up to 5-10 business days delivery. But most of the time it is much quicker.

We have transferred A LOT of digital properties and we will help you along the way if you have any questions.

This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply.

ALL messages are answered by born & raised USA citizens who are located twenty nine minutes away from Ann Arbor, Michigan.

We do NOT outsource support to people in other countries who don't care about your long term success!

Brand Names Inc. has successfully sold 100's of properties over the span of the past 20 years to clients globally. We are looking forward to working with you!

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